Frank Schwinn

Production Vocals Mixing

"There is nothing permanent except change"


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no concerts in April,
next live gigs in MAY 2015


The Banty Roosters

Frank Schwinn: vocals, guitar
Anton Willinger: blues harmonica


Markus Ecklmayr: sax   Christian Roitinger: tp   Frank Schwinn: guit   Hermann Linecker: organ 
Manfred Huber: drums

recorded and mixed analog on Tascam Portastudio 424 four-track by Frank Schwinn

microphones used:
1 Beyerdynamic M 160 on drums
1 Coles 4038 Ribbon on saxophone and trumpet
1 Shure Sm 57 on organ
1 Shure Sm 57 on guitar
Sir Oliver Mally & Frank Schwinn:

current album Devils Monkeys Aliens

recorded mono with 1 Coles 4038 Ribbon to Studer Tapemachine

recorded / mastered by Frank Schwinn
Frank Schwinn Solo:

whatever comes to me


Old Instruments appeal to me. They have a story within, they had moments of love and also struggles becoming mature. And when you listen, you can hear it

My Guitar list is constantly changing, but the first 7 guitars are my main ones

Harmony H53 Rocket hollowbody electric from 1959
Harmony H162 acoustic guitar from 1960
Harmony H 165 acoustic guitar from the 60's
Harmony Stella Parlor acoustic guitar from 1964
Silvertone Danelectro 1457 guitar / amp in case from 1964
Gibson ES 120 T from 1966
Truetone Vanguard electric solidbody from the 60's
3 string Cigar Box Guitar
Taylor Baby Taylor Mahogany
Fender Mexico Jazz Bass


Fender Blues Junior Black Paisley limited edition

Danelectro amp in case
Fender Vaporizer
Vox Night Train
Echolette M 40
Peavey Classic 30
Cigar Box Amp
ZT Lunchbox
Electro Harmonix 44 Magnum
Blackstar HT 5

HH electronic Power Baby Studio 60 (solid state mos-fet from 81`ugly as hell but my favourite amp in combination with lipstick pickups)


2x Coles 4038
2x Shure SM 57
1x Shure SM 58
2x Shure SM 81
Shure SM 7B
2x Neumann TLM 103
4x Grundig GDSM 200
2x Rode K2
Beyerdynamic M 130
Beyerdynamic M 160
3x t.Bone RB 500
Audix dynamic vocal mic
Audio Technica 2010
Meazzi Ribbon Mic


Studer A 810
Tascam Portastudio 424
Zoom R24
Zoom H4-n
Universal Audio Preamps
SPL Preamps
Grace Design Preamps
TL Audio Preamps

boogaloo live kik PLO9750

Frank Schwinn

Roßmarkt 13/2
A-4910 Ried im Innkreis


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