Frank Schwinn is one of the most diverse and interesting guitarists /vocalists/producers in Austria.

Born 1967 in Bamberg/Germany he came to Austria in 1989 to study Jazz Guitar at the Anton Bruckner University in Linz.

1992 he moved to Vienna and worked as musician with artists like The Vienna Art Orchestra,Uli Rennert, Dave Liebman, Bob Berg, Zach Danziger, The Upper Austrian Jazz Orchestra, Joe Lovano and many others in Austria and abroad.

2001 he settled down in Upper Austria, playing guitar in many experimental/freeform projects and as a solo artist.

He also went back to his roots, the blues and singing.

He plays the Blues with his Duo "The Banty Roosters" (together with Anton Willinger on bluesharp) and
also performs together with "Sir" Oliver Mally.

He can really shine on the guitar, but is always following the main goal:
to serve the music and the song

He is also working as producer/mixer/remixer for other artists.

This website will be updated constantly, so please come by often!

As Mixing Engineer:

-Heavy Tuba Experience Live DVD-2009
-Katrin Weber-Thiemo Kirberg Duo-2010
-Uli Rennert Project T (also as guitar player)-2010
-Joshua Grey vs. Bernie X
-Hermann Linecker/Peter Traunmüller (also as guitar player)-2011
-Gradischnig/Schwinn/Pirker "Under Western Skies"(also as guitar player)-2011
-Der Blonde Engel-2011
-Sir Oliver Mally
-Herbert Berger

As Producer:

-Undetected (Schwinn/Preuschl/Soyka-also as guitar player)-2007
-Nane's Spicy Kitchen Lab (also as guitar player)-2011
-Blues Juice (also as guitar player)-2011
-The Banty Roosters (also as guitar player)-2011
-Sir Oliver Mally "Strong Believer" (as producer, tracking engineer   and guitar player )-2012
-Sir Oliver Mally "Strong Believer-Remixes"-EP (as Remixer/Producer)-2012
-Inga Lynch "Stella" (as producer and guitar player)
-Sir Oliver Mally / Frank Schwinn "Devils, Monkeys, Aliens"-2013
-Herbert Berger / Hermann Linecker "Just For Fun"-2014

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